A Thought to Meditate On

Dec 30, 2021

To understand meditation, attempt to wrap your mind around simplicity. What does simplicity look and feel like? By the very nature of it, if you try to experience simplicity, you're already overthinking it, because you're trying to attach meaning, depth, and subjective experience to something that has no-thing attached to it.

Simplicity just is. Any attempt to rationalize it disrupts the state of pure being. Likewise, meditation is the predominant state of being in sync with the primordial consciousness working its way through us. When awareness interferes with this natural state of being, the sentient experiences of reality are formed.

In order to meditate, the only lens of observation we have to go into is that of an omnipresent force that exists as us, but without us. Your role in the seat of meditation is to bring your personal psychology into a state of mindful deactivation. You are relaxed to the extent that your nervous system is no longer creating any kind of experience and you surrender to the movement of experience through you. You do not rule it. You don't rule yourself, and you don't control the process by which you masterfully rule your consciousness.

Meditation is becoming the breeze that hits your cheek or being the sound waves that gently reverberate around you as you hear but don't contradict them with the noise of your mind. It's feeling your body engulfed in the matrix of space and time without the interference of thoughts that sever your connection to the collective mind.

It’s becoming so enmeshed with the state of everything you're experiencing that you're actually most detached from the human aspect of the experience. The great power of meditation lies in its ability to create a state of coherence for the mind, body, and soul, equalizing the biorhythm of heart-brain consciousness, and allowing for relaxation and the activation of deeper modes of clarity and understanding.

You can always be the breeze and the skin it touches. Meditation can be your way of life.

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