Becoming A Channel

Jan 01, 2022

Channeling is the act of passing an unobstructed flow of Source Consciousness through any modem of expression. As such, we are all channelers of energy and higher consciousness, evoking and animating Source through our presence alone.

It is our mind that becomes the intermediary between a higher source of intelligence and our own interpretation of it. When we stop trusting in the feelings that arise within us, we unconsciously become the filter for higher knowing rather than its conduit by doubting its authentic expression.

Channeling is the most straightforward mode of expression because it requires absolutely no mental exertion. To channel is not to bend one's mind into an antenna to allow for the passage of the "data" sought; it is to embrace the flow state by surrendering to the stream of consciousness from a higher dimensional plane. 

By trusting in one's ability to fully embody Source through the physical form, truth naturally by allowing for truth to flow through one or another creative outlet, such as the spoken word, writing, art, or physical movements.

Certain channelers convey higher dimensional awareness through unintelligible words, often referred to as collectively as a light language. Our ability to be impacted by these channelings suggests that the encryption of divine intelligence is deciphered energetically.

Every channeled message is a vibrational expression that is received and translated on a subconscious level...we need not understand everything that is being conveyed when we tune into a particular frequency. 

In my case, I uncovered the gates to my channeling potential through writing.

Beginning at the age of thirteen, I published a bi-weekly op-ed column in several local newspapers on abstract topics, such as self-esteem, intuition, and wisdom, years before I began to regularly post about the topics that I do. This came very naturally to me because I've always been a very inquisitive person and preserved an open mind by feeding my fascination for life with the quest for answers, which led me to ponder life in a philosophical way.

My stoic musings attracted the attention of people who were far older than me when I was just a middle-schooler sharing thoughts that I could not possibly have conceived from a conscious standpoint at that age. My pieces were written from a mature place of understanding and comprehension of reality that went beyond the experience I obtained from life.

It was only through feedback received from other people, mainly strangers, that I realized the thoughts I was sharing were not purely fabricated by my mind. I was not 'creating' the awareness that I was leaving on print for other eyes to see. I was simply allowing myself to channel wisdom without interfering with its translation through my young physical cognition.

Years later, shortly after launching my Instagram page, I realized that my throat chakra was heavily suppressed and for years I have felt ashamed of my age, coupled with the ability to share thoughts that were not justified by it.

"Why would anyone care about my personal, young expression of truth," I thought...until I realized that my subjective lens of awareness was resonating with people and compelling them to rethink their perspectives while fueling my continual flow state. I began to grasp that wisdom is not acquired but remembered, and with that, I challenged myself to dare to express what I previously had not allowed myself to.

I felt strongly that I needed to verbalize the channeled message that I had become accustomed to receiving and sharing through the written craft. When I began to share messages through video or audio format, I felt liberated as I picked up even smoother and more profound transmissions.

Through spoken word, I do not have to think about what to say when I set a particular intention that guides the channeling. I simply allow myself to say it. There is no obstruction. There is no lag time between the receipt of a message via higher consciousness and the flow of that awareness. That is the magic of instantaneous transmission from the collective mind.

Now just about everything that I publish in textual form is channeled. To do so, I literally sit on the floor with my eyes closed and record my voice, which I later transcribe, because it is through my voice that I get most connected to an effortless stream of awareness.

Each of us has this infinite capacity to share divine truth, and it comes not through extended knowledge, learning, or the accumulation of experience but rather the rediscovery of our innate ability to magnify the wisdom of Source through the unpacking of limitations that led to our resistance to it. By knowing ourselves, we become as one with God and see the reflection of God in everyone and everything.

By removing the self-imposed limitations to our Godliness/WHOLE-iness, we find that we are a clear channel (and were to begin with). As our mind is cleansed of fears, irrational beliefs, negative expectations, biases, and conditions detaining us in the past, the unobstructed passage of vital energy through our chakra system leads to a condition of balance that enhances our ways of expression. 

Our purpose is to find what we are meant to channel into the world and do it, freely, joyously, and consistently. We're all good at something, perhaps many things, but what is for certain is that we are here to embody Source, to allow Source, to find its creative mode of expression through our physical vessel, which means that channeling is a natural function of our consciousness and when we allow ourselves to do so, we feel complete.

It is at that point that the awareness that we are seeking naturally finds us.

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