The Mental Health Scheme

Dec 24, 2021

We are all mentally ill.


Identification with a mental illness is the first problem.

Yes, that is counterintuitive and contradictory, but it also isn’t.


Allow me to explain.


When a psychiatrist says you are schizophrenic, or borderline or bipolar, etc., you begin to place yourself into the box of mental disturbance.


Your world is obscured by the fact that something is wrong with you.

You are at the mercy of a healthcare provider who deems with certainty that they have the solution for you because they made the diagnosis.


Except for one thing…

They are mentally ill as well.


Or better yet…they are even more mentally ill than you.

Can you imagine thinking you are receiving treatment from someone you believe is helping you when they are actually conspiring to get you?


Now, I’m not saying that mental health professionals are sadists, but from their righteous perspective, they must contain you in that self-inflicted prison of your mind by reminding you of your mental illness on a continuous basis so you keep receiving their services.


They will offer you therapy, sell you drugs…all meant to aggravate your condition and increase your dependency upon them.


Like a leech, they will prey on your insufficiencies until you surrender to the parasitic relationship formed between patient and provider.


What are they providing you with?


The thought that they have the key to your mental wellness…your sanity. In fact, they sell you the very idea that you have done well by coming to them in spite of your mental disease in order to fill the voids of your consciousness.


They allow you to speak your mind in a way that you may not with friends, family, or those coworkers who you pretend to like but secretly loathe. You tell them things you have never felt safe to share with anyone else because you know they UNDERSTAND. They are a safe haven for your darkest shadows as they stare at you beneath the fluorescent clinical lights.


It’s all a Ponzi scheme to get you comfortable to unleash your vulnerabilities so they can remedy your lack of WHOLENESS.

You are being played.

They are con artists.

You become their codependent.


They are…

The friend who could have listened to you but didn’t.

The mother who could have understood you but didn’t.

The child who could have respected you but didn’t.

The random stranger who could have smiled at you but didn’t.

But alas…you have found someone who obediently fulfills every role in a strictly nonattached and remarkably convenient manner. 


Everyone who becomes a psychiatrist, therapist, counselor, or psychologist is ill in their own way. They take on the self-aggrandizing image of the hero because they enjoy the feeling of helping someone in a state of crisis. Their ego thrives on the feeling of success when they lift up a client and receive both monetary and emotional compensation for being above your inadequate mental state.


They take advantage of you- a slightly unloved, fatigued, confused soul who wants to be heard and promised that they can be whole again.


These egocentric healers who comprise the mental health profession wouldn’t be the problem had the right approach been introduced to them. Through their Godlike impression of self through the role of the provider, they believe in the diagnosis they place because they are intellectually stable enough to know it is confirmed via the textbooks they read. They know they are credible as they reverberate the words their psychology professors have muttered under their breath in the lecture halls. Furthermore, they know they are doing nothing out of the ordinary, as they carefully comply with HIPAA compliance regulations and adhere to their scope of practice. They were trained to execute their scheme in a suave way to turn your vulnerabilities into excuses for why your mental health is contingent on your obedience to their promises.


They NEED to revere themselves and their angelic presence in your life because they were unappreciated children, like yourself. Criticized, emotionally abused, and locked away from their potential, they fought hard to make their way into the therapist chair so they could achieve justice for the injustice of their past via their reputation. Using silently coercive therapeutic methods is their way of seeking validation from the unsuspecting patients- you- who are helping them feel needed and loved in ways that too few people emulated in their lives.


The main issue of the mental health professional is their undoubting faith in their knowledge. The unassuming clinical mindset. Do they ever imagine they might be wrong? The medications they prescribed as killing you from within? Their patients are not really receiving the holistic support they so deeply need? No, of course not. Because they have bought into the hero complex from their own disturbed mental state.


How can one seek mental wholeness? By recognizing that NO ONE can fill the multidimensional role of the lover, listener, caretaker, and friend in the inner world other than oneself.


Anyone who does not question what they are told has a case of insanity.

We are all insane in our own ways, as we have been programmed, conditioned, and trained to be the obedient rats we are.

As a society, we operate on the platform of fear set beneath our feet and steered by others who are much more intensely ill than ourselves.

The only thing that makes us the victims is that we are afraid to rip off the blindfold even beneath the blinding lights illuminating truth. 

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